Sep 08

Mein Status II

Ich bin seit Anfang 2017 angestellt bei synfis Service GmbH und treibe dort die Weiterentwicklung und den Umbau der IT.

Insbesondere beschäftigt mich dort der Wechseln von IBM Notes Anwendungen zu Apps, die wir auf einer modernen Infrastruktur völlig neu konzipieren und bauen.

Dabei verwenden wir:

  • Couchbase als verlässliches, skalierbares NoSLQ Backend.
  • node.js als Grundlage für den Applikationsserver, den wir mittels JavaScript selbst entwickeln.
  • Webix als Framework für die Apps, die auf den Clients laufen.


Apr 29

Mein Status

Auf dieser Seite passiert im Moment sehr wenig, und der einfache Grund dafür ist: Ich habe sehr gut zu tun.

Ich baue weiterhin mobile Apps für Android und iOS mit Appcelerator Titanium, mache Domino XPages mit HTML5, JavaScript, Framworks etc. und mache auch noch klassische IBM Notes Entwicklung.

Ansprechbar bin ich am sichersten via E-Mail, siehe Adresse rechts.

Oct 15

One cause for XPage error “The form does not contain an input: $$viewid”

I got an interesting error today: “The form does not contain an input: $$viewid” after clicking a button which does a partial update. To be exact: the partial update worked once, but on a second click that error occurred:


Fore sure, the hidden input field $$viewid was present in the HTML. I found the cause after removing code block after code block in the XPage and it’s custom controls: a simple table tag was not closed.

I cannot explain why a missing HTML tag can cause this kind of error… but don’t see the point in investigating further since I’d like to move forward with my business logic instead of chasing weird errors.

So, if you ever get this error: check your HTML carefully.


Oct 14

XPages in Notes Client (XPiNC) – why still Error 500? And a solution of some kind.

I want to develop some additional features to existing Notes applications for a customer. The nature of the features makes it necessary to use XPages.

Using XPages side by side with classic Notes using Composite Applications seems to work now (9.0.1). There are still some weird caching issues and sometimes I need to recreate a Composite Application to get rid of them, but once the CA works, it seems to be reliable.

But quite often when trying to view an XPage in the client I get this:


I guess everyone developing XPages for the Notes client knows this error very well. For me, I can reproduce it as follows:

  • open XPage (even the most simple one) in Designer
  • make some change, for example, at a space somehwere and save
  • preview the XPage in Notes
  • you will see Error 500

Then, when I close the Error 500 page in Notes and preview the XPage again (without making another change) the XPage works fine.

I could live with that. But: other Notes clients get the Error 500 page most of the times, too, especially when the XPage is used in a Composite Application.

Here is what I do not understand: XPages in Notes are around since 8.5.3 at least. That means: FOR  FOUR YEARS!


Why do we still get these kind of errors? 

I really don’t get it. I do nothing fancy. I just want to use a supported and documented feature, and that is: using XPages in Notes in a reliable manner. And what do I get? Error 500 without any useful information. Even with the most basic XPage.

Ok, getting upset does not solve the issue. So I tried to get some kind of workaround. And I found that after adding the NSF to Notes Preferences -> XPages Performance -> Preload XPages in the following appliations the XPages seems to work more reliable:


That means: the XPages work in Notes as long as I don’t make any change in Designer. After making a change, the Error 500 comes back until I preview the XPage a second time.

Is this a solution for my customer? How does this scale with let’s say 10 NSFs, each having various XPages with lots of Custom Controls? I don’t know. Yet.

All I know is that I really WANT to use XPages in Notes. And I’m very unsatisfied that I still have to fight these kind of basic issues.


Oct 12

Looking for a new home for

As you might have noticed, is down. That’s because the Domino server it was hosted on was taken down, and I don’t have a public Domino of my own.

So I’m looking for a public Domino where I can host the database. Anyone interested? I would make a acknowledgement on the homepage 🙂

Update: seems to be solved, I got several offers!

Sep 01

underscore JavaScript Library für XPages ServerSide JavaScript (SSJS)

If you’re building web or mobile apps, most probably you know the underscore library from If not, you should have a look at it. It contains a lot of useful basic functions that eases developer’s daily work a lot.

Today I had to implement some fancy stuff regarding JavaScript arrays in XPages ServerSide JavaScript (SSJS). And I really missed my beloved underscore library…. so I had a look at the source and tried to use it as library in SSJS.

For sure, it didn’t work right out of the box. There were several issues because SSJS is no real JavaScript… but anyway, I managed to workaround most issues and now it seems to work.

If you’re interested, download this source: jbuss_underscore. Have a look at the notes at the beginning, it listens some underscore functions that cannot work in SSJS.

There is a good chance that some functions doesn’t work yet, if so, leave a comment at this post and I will try to fix it.

If you’re curious: look for “!! jbuss” markers in the code, these are the pieces I needed to change.

Jun 04

‘Field is too large (32k) or view’s column and selection formulas too large’ problem – finally solved!

The internet is full of questions like “I get the message ‘Field is too large (32k) or view’s column and selection formulas too large’ – how do I find and delete the problematic document?”. And there are several attempts to solve this problem, most of them without much chance or quite complicated.

Now I just read the changelog for the new Ytria ScanEZ 12.1 and found this: New scanning method allows easy management for ’32k error’ afflicted documents

I just tested this against a big database of my own and indeed found two documents with summary data of more than 32k. Very nice. Thanks Ytria!