Anyone with BlackBerry 10 / Momentics IDE experience out there? I cannot deploy a project to a device.

So far my experiences with BlackBerry 10 development is quite mixed. I managed to work around most issues when creating a Blackberry app with Titanium, but now I want to deploy the app to a test device, a BlackBerry Z 10.

And it simply does not work. The process always breaks with a quite cryptic message:

Error in final launch sequence
Cannot prepare and download the binary
result::failure 500 ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xc3 in position 111: ordinal not in range(128)

It’s the same when I try to create a blank “Hello World” project in BlackBerry’s native development environment, the Momentics IDE. Here is what I did:

  • downloaded and installed Momentics
  • downloaded and installed API level 10.2 (target device is a Z10)
  • created a new BlackBerry app in Momentics from the most basic “Hello World” template
  • ran deploymend wizard, installed debug token on device
  • device is connected via USB, Momentics shows me a green light for USB
  • clicked “Run”

And again the same error is reported and the app is not deployed on the device. The app does work in the simulator, though.

I learned that such kind of message can occur when one tries to deploy a project compiled for the simulator (x86) to the device (arm). So I looked everywhere to make sure that the project was compiled for arm, and indeed all settings in Momentics are set to arm and not x86.

So far I tried these steps on three different computers, one Windows 7 machine and two Macs. It’s always the same.

I posted the issue to the BlackBerry developer forum, without any useful response so far. Anyone who is doing BlackBerry development and experienced similar issues?


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