Jul 10

I will reduce using US based services. Guess why.

I always was aware that the NSA does some spying even at friends, and I already wrote about serving company data to the NSA on a silver plate when using cloud services years ago. And so far I thought “that’s the world how it is, if a company uses cloud stuff, they should know the risk, but at least my private stuff is save”.

But I have to admit that I didn’t thought that the US does that much spying on all of us. That users who are running a TOR node gets on black lists. That even the german government (and most probably other european governments as well) are infiltrated by US spies.

I mean, everyone knows that there are spies from other, non-allied countries. But being a friend means trusting each other, doesn’t it? There are so many real threats in the world out there, why wasting resources with spying friends?

I know that there are many people in the US who are embarrassed about their government and intelligence apparatus. But in more than a year there is no sign that any official authority understands why more and more people in Europe are getting mad about the US.

And that’s a pity. Because the US and Europe, and US and Germany in particular, are friends and should continue to be friends. But all that spying stuff simply means: the authorities in the US do not trust us. They do not see us as friends. They see us as targets. They get company secrets from us to give US companies advantage. They get government secrets from us to get an advantage in negotiations.

People in US intelligence say we are naive. That may be their outlook to the world. But I simply think that friends should work together, not against each other.

And since money is the best way to make a statement, I will cancel using services from US companies as much as I can. Since there are (european) alternatives to Google, Dropbox and so on, that’s relatively easy.

Do you see? Betraying friendship between countries lead to scattered regionalism. It’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

And most probably I just got on some NSA black list right now just because I wrote this blog posting. That’s frightening, isn’t it?