Jul 07

Done! YouAtNotes xSearch is released.

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All tests went well, the beta testers didn’t found any more issue and therefore we just released our new baby to the public.

English announcement
German announcement

And the online demo is still up and running.

So, feel free to download and test our new software and please drop us a note if if you like or dislike it 🙂

You can leave a comment right here or send us a mail to info@youatnotes.com. Thanks!

Jul 06

Release or not release? At least, here’s an online demo!

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I smelled a release today, and indeed we are nearly finished. We just need to do a final test, but for that, we have to re-install Notes 8.5.2 on that machine. That takes time, so the test (and the release) will have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can read about our new product “YouAtNotes xSearch” here!

And you can click here to open an online demo of the product, with which you can search in some of our websites and blogs.

This demo should be in english or german, depending on your browser settings.

If you have a question or want to report a bug, please leave me a comment here!

Jul 06

I smell a release today.

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Everything looks good so far. We are in the final stages.

May 04

ServiceCommunicator r e l e a s e d today.

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This the follow up to yesterday’s teaser.

As some people know we worked on a new product for some months. There was an early beta at the end of 2009, and then we had our hands full with other projects so that the work on that new product was delayed.

But as of today, we released our new baby into the wild: ServiceCommunicator.

ServiceCommunicator is your one-stop solution for all things online support for your customers.
You get:

  • A forum like feedback area with questions, ideas, problem reports and praises.
  • A solution database so that customers can search for a solution themselves.
  • News and FAQ lists.
  • Online manuals for your products.
  • Community features.
  • Search for related content.
  • RSS feeds and e-Mail notifications.
  • Customizable with themes, colors and images.
  • …and numerous nice features more.

Examples for visual customizing (done only via changing some settings, no coding required!):

(Note: these are examples only and do not reflect actual customer sites).

ServiceCommunicator is a pure Lotus Domino Xpages application and clearly shows what Lotus Domino is capable of.

It’s available as hosted SaaS solution and, if the customer has Domino 8.5.2, as local application. In each case it’s up and running in minutes.

We’re all quite happy here at YouAtNotes to have such a nice new product offer, and we’re very curious how the market will respond.

Feel free to do a test drive:

May 03

Done. Ready for Release.

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I am glad. It’s done.

Ok, software is never really “done”. There is always more work to do. And I’m sure in some dark corners there still will be some glichtes waiting to be discovered. And there is still some documentation work to do.
But, it’s done in terms of “is ready to escape into the wild”.

And I am very happy about that. It was a lot of work. Really.

You know, it’s a HUGE difference between hacking a prototype of some cool idea, and making a real product out of it. And to make an international available product is even more work, think about all those multi language issues that can arise.
Or take all the polishing work… if you aim to make the software 100% perfect, you will reach 95% or 98% at most, but even this is so much more work than reaching 90%.
Or talk about legal stuff. Terms of Service and such issues. If you are IBM with an army of lawyers, it’s a piece of cake. But for a small company it’s hard.
Or talk about payment processes on an international scale.
Or cross browser issues and the unfortunate need to support a thing like Internet Explorer as well. If with Dojo and Xpages there are still issues with that.

There are a lot of issues to resolve on the way from a prototype to a product ready for release.

But, we reached that point.

More about this tomorrow 🙂

Oh, but one thing: I am still very happy with Xpages and Domino 8.5.2. From my point of view, it really is a world class web development platform.

Oct 30

Do you like the music in this video?

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I’m playing around with Camtasia for Mac to make short ‘Screencast’ videos of our products. I just finished the first one and we have different opinions about the music in the video here at YouAtNotes.

If you can spare 2 minutes, please watch the video here at www.youatnotes.com and leave a comment here if you liked the music or not. Thanks!

Mar 19

Wichtiger Hinweis zu Datenbankeigenschaften für YouAtNotes CRM

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Ein Problem in der Funktion “Compress Database Design” von Lotus Domino kann dazu führen, dass Java-Code nicht mehr ausgeführt werden kann. In der Praxis kann das beispielsweise heißen, dass die Office Integration unter Mac und Linux nicht mehr funktioniert, oder die Anzeige von Beziehungen nicht mehr möglich ist.

Daher der wichtige Hinweis: in den Datenbankeigenschaften der YouAtNotes CRM Module darf die Eigenschaft “Compress Database Design” nicht aktiviert werden.

Mar 16

Unterstützung von Lotus Symphony im YouAtNotes CRM

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Bisher wird Lotus Symphony nicht von der Office Integration vom YouAtNotes CRM unterstützt (theoretisch funktioniert es über die OpenOffice-Anbindung, wird aber halt nicht vom YouAtNotes Support offiziell unterstützt).

Mit Lotus Notes 8.5.1 wird sich das – höchstwahrscheinlich – ändern, da das nächste Lotus Notes eine bessere Anbindung der integrierten Symphony Office Anwendungen an eigene Lotus Notes Anwendungen erlaubt. Wir haben das hier im Labor als Beta bereits fertig 🙂 (inklusive automatischen Ausfüllen von Daten im Office-Dokument basierend auf dem gewählten Kontakt aus dem CRM, Konvertierung nach PDF etc.).

Ob diese nahtlose Symphony Anbindung auch unter Mac und Linux verfügbar sein wird, steht noch nicht fest.

Mar 06

Having fun with my own Java server task

Note: this post has been migrated from another blog. Some links may be broken.

Since I learned on Entwicklercamp 2009 from Andy Brunner that running a custom Java server task in Domino is stable and safe I just finished my first Java based server task 🙂

The use case is processing administration requests from our YouAtNotes CRM software. In our CRM serveral changes are made via admin requests (just like the adminp in the Domino server). For example, if some user specific folders are missing some admin requests are created, so that the folders can be created by the server later. Or if a name of a contact changes, the name change is distributed to various other documents by the server.

Until now all this work was done by an hourly agent.

But since today’s build of YouAtNotes CRM the customers have the option to let a server task do this work very quickly. The server tasks notices after 10 seconds if there is a new administration request, and if so, the request is processed immediately.

This is pretty cool and a noticable improvement for the users. And: if the administrator at customer’s site does not want a third party server task, he can leave the work to the hourly agent.

We even made a one-click install which performs the following actions:

  • Extracting the .class files to the Domino program directory (on Windows) or the data directory (on Linux). On Windows you need to read the Windows registry to get the program path of the Domino server.
  • Adding “runjava YNCRM” to the ServerTasks in notes.ini of the Domino server (via NotesSession.setEnvironmentString).
  • Starting the task via “load runjava YNCRM” (this is done via NotesSession.SendConsoleCommand).

The whole install is packed into an agent, which is started via NotesAgent.runOnServer – so it runs on the Domino server and can perform the install.