Domino To Go 2.0 will bring an new, Alloy based demo app, single category synchronizing, changing NotesDocument items locally and…

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At the moment, Domino To Go 2.0 is under active development and I’d like to point out some of the new features we created so far (most probably there will be even more goodness in the final release!).

In general, Domino To Go 2.0 will be even more suitable for dealing with bigger datasets. So if you want to create mobile, offline capable Apps for a Notes applications that has some ten thousand documents or more, Domino To Go got you covered.

General features

  • Changing document items on the mobile device immediately: as you may know, you can download complete Notes documents to the mobile device in order to use NotesDocument.getItemValue(), NotesDocument.replaceItemValue() and other familiar methods.
    So far, any change in a Notes document on the mobile device needed to be uploaded to Domino and downloaded back to the device until the local NotesDocument object reflected the change. This has been improved, so that any change made with NotesDocument.replaceItemValue() followed by a is now in effect on the mobile device immediately.
  • Change views on the mobile device immediately: you can download the content of a Domino view to the mobile device with one line of code. But, if you make changes to a Notes document on the mobile device, the view does not update itself automatically.
    Now you can use simple methods (NotesView.replaceColumnValue) to change one or more columns for a specific view entry, without the need to synchronize the view with Domino.
    So if you changed items in a Notes document on the mobile device, you can now adjust the local views accordingly, even when the device is offline.
  • Download the content of a Domino view filtered by category: now you can use a singleCategory property in Domino To Go’s NotesView.update() method in order to only download view entries from Domino that match a specific category.
    This is very handy if you have a Domino view that is categorized by user names, and you only want to download view data to the mobile device for a specific user.
  • More performance improvements: among others, NotesView.getAllEntries() on the mobile device is now about 100% faster when dealing with bigger datasets (more than 10.000 documents).

New demo app:

Domino To Go is an extension for Appcelerator Titanium. Recently, Titanium introduced a new development style called Alloy, which is a nice implementation of the Model-View-Controller concept.

In Alloy, you can define the UI with XML, use styles like in CSS and seperate code from layout. It works very well and once you understood the methods and concept, it speeds up development and makes the app much more maintainable.
But, for Domino developers, an Alloy based app may be hard to understand on the first sight.

We think every Domino To Go developer should develop his apps with the Alloy. And to make learning the Alloy method much more easy, we will deliver a nice Alloy based demo app with Domino To Go 2.0.
Here are some screenshots:

As you can see, the app supports the typical layout for phones and iPad.

It includes:

  • All UI elements are defined in Alloy XML markup.
  • A basic navigation table with some dummy elements.
  • Clicking an element in the navigation opens a content window with some labels. The labels are filled dynamically based on the clicked element.
  • A configuration dialog for username and password, including field validation and saving these settings to the app’s configuration storage.
  • An HTML based “about” window.
  • A style sheet with style definitions to get your started.
  • Some global JavaScript files, for example to place your own synchronisation logic .
  • All Domino To Go libraries are already included so that you can use all Domino To Go classes instantly.
  • The code contains a lot of comments so that you can quickly understand and learn from it.

This demo app alone will save days for new Titanium / Domino To Go developers.

A release date for Domino To Go 2.0 is not fixed yet. I expect it in a month or so.

Any existing Domino To Go customer
can get an early release of the new demo app together with an early version of Domino To Go 2.0, just drop me a note!

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