DRM is bad for the customer. And for 7 year old children.

Friday is children’s movie day in our house. Tonight my 7 year old daughter selected a movie which we have on DVD. Normally we’re watching movies via Amazon Instant Video or from a file server using Plex. Therefore I forgot.

Guess what happened when I put the DVD into the Mac Mini which is attached to the TV?

DVDPlayer started, we heared sound but there was no picture. And why? Because Apple does not allow us to watch a DVD for which we paid on a TV which is attached with a HDMI-to-DVI adapter. Because of that, the Mac Mini cannot talk to the TV and ask it if it supports all the copy protection crap. And so the Mac Mini only displays a white picture.

That’s so silly. As if this kind of measures prevents anyone of making copies from a DVD. It only punishes people like us. Families who simply want to watch a DVD.

And so my daughter cried.

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