Experiences from the first days after migrating from Domino Blog to WordPress

Some days has passed since I migrated this blog from a NSF based Domino Blog to WordPress. Some observations:

  • I got spam comments incredibly fast. Mostly trash in chinese. Solution: a plugin named “captcha”, which adds an easy to solve math question to the comment form. Simple and effective.
  • Bruce notified me about some CSS glitches I missed. Since my WordPress theme allows me to add custom CSS, I could fix all of them easily. Thanks, Bruce.
  • After some comments were written, I wondered myself if there is some way to let my readers subscribe to a comment thread. Found the plugin “Subscribe to Comments Reloaded” which adds an “subscribe” checkbox to the comments form. I even could adjust the text of the notification mails.
  • I wanted some “share” buttons below each post – again: quick search for a plugin, tried some and installed the “Canjo” plugin.
  • Tested my blog on iPhone and iPad – looks good.
  • Did some searches on Google to get deep links to my old blog, for example “domino to go performance“. The URL redirection works perfectly.
  • I like the autosave feature in the WordPress editor.
  • The WordPress App for iOS is great.

One open issue is how to migrate comments from the old blog. I did some research and found that there is no easy option. I have to look in the SQL tables in WordPress’ database.

So far, I’m quite happy with the migration. You know the saying “there is an app for that” for the iOS platform. It’s just like that with WordPress: “there is a plugin for that”.

3 thoughts on “Experiences from the first days after migrating from Domino Blog to WordPress

  1. You have a couple options for the comment spam. One thing you should definitely enable is Akismit. It takes care of most spam and is normally a default plugin.

    As for old comments, since you can code you could write an output file that takes existing comments and the post they are attached to, make into xml and then use something like Disqus as the commenting system. I swapped out my comments in DominoBlog for Disqus but never migrated the very old ones.

  2. Hi Julian, I would like to receive the utility file that you created to accomplish this/. Thank you for the blog and thanks for sharing.