Fulltext index “immediate” does not work with XPages in the web?

I just found that on a Domino 9.01 server the Update.FulltextList queue does not change when I add a document to a NSF via XPages in the web. The fulltext update frequency on that NSF is set to “immediate”, and the result is that the fulltext index is never updated automatically when there were changes to documents via XPages/Web.

After I made some change via Notes the updater runs after some seconds and the ft index is being updated just fine.

I’m aware that I can create a program document with “updall -F <path to nsf>” and schedule it to run every five minutes, but that leads to “index is already in use” messages sometimes when a XPage wants to use the ft index.

I’m puzzled. Is this behaviour intended? Am I the only one in the world who came across this problem? Does nobody else is using fulltext search in XPages?

I added a question to stackoverflow, too. If you have an idea, you can respond there, too.


I was wrong. It DOES work. It just looked like it didn’t work, because it takes up to 15 minutes until the ft index gets updated, and the Update.FulltextList statistic seems to lag behind the current situation a lot.

So although the update task on that server has nearly no load at all, “immediate” updates takes up to 15 minutes. UPDATE_FULLTEXT_THREAD=1 and FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 are set in the notes.ini.

There has to be a way to speed this up. But how?


3 thoughts on “Fulltext index “immediate” does not work with XPages in the web?

  1. This is a real pain to work with.

    We often get negative feedback from users who search for something that they have just added and cannot find it.

    It also stops us from constructing “views” in XPages using the FT Search method – which is a real shame as it would allow a modern filter driven UI.

  2. I feel this pain too!
    I made some XPages applications and the views are really sluggish to update with new created documents.


  3. So far I added the following notes.ini variables:


    without any effect at all. In any case the update of the ft index took between 12 and 15 minutes. After setting the ini variables I restarted the update task, perhaps a server restart is needed, too, I have to test that.

    The update task is bored to death, it has nothing to do. There has to be a way to let ft updates happen more frequently.