How Notes could escape the “Notes vs. Exchange” war while staying in the companies

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I just talked with a collegue about a customer of ours (some thousand seats). It’s a Notes shop, where it’s planned to implement SAP and Exchange. It’s quite clear that SAP and Exchange will come in the near future for over a year now, nevertheless, the employees are using the features of Notes and our own YouAtNotes CRM software more and more.

In fact none of these employees can imagine how SAP could ever implement all the processes they solve with Notes and YouAtNotes CRM without investing very, very, very much money for custom development.
Therefore it’s foreseeable that it will end like in many other companies: SAP comes, Exchange comes, and Notes stays for the applications.

And now think about this: what if Notes could simply connect to other mail and calendar (for example, Exchange) services as well, just as it does with Domino? What if you have Notes as you know it, but the mailfile and calendar view is filled with data from Exchange?

All existing Notes applications could continue to work.
Even the ones with deep mailfile intergration. The IT could put some Exchange serves in place, while the Domino application servers stay where they are. Management would be happy because they “moved to Exchange”. Nothing would change for IT, since Domino stays there anyway because Microsoft cannot migrate the Notes apps.
And the users would be very happy because they can continue working productively, just as they did before.

And it could be even possible to invest in new Domino/XPages applications, because they run in the client the users already have (Notes) while Management still have the satisfaction of having “moved to Exchange”.

Boy, that would be a smart move by IBM.

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