How to make a Quickr blog post out of a mail?

A customer has a Quickr installation where he uses a Quickr blog. Quickr supports sending mails to a place (=NSF), which the customer did setup.

Unfortunately, a mail sent to the Quickr blog NSF does not show up in the place as blog entry, it only shows up in the index as standard Quickr document.

I did a quick look at the items of a Quickr blog entry document, and added some items like c_BlogDate, c_Location and so on to the mail. Then the mail is displayed as blog entry, but without the mail’s body.

That’s because in a blog entry the content should be in the items c_BlogText1 and c_BlogText2, but in the mail the content is stored as MIME in PageBody0, PageBody1 and so on.

So before I dive deeper into that topic I ask you: do you have by any chance a ready-to-use script to solve this problem?


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