jbuss Titanium Alloy Framework

This is the documentation for the jbuss Titanium Alloy Framework. Main features of the framework:

  • form layout system
  • ready to use UI controls for fields, date picker, time picker, value picker
  • DominoToGo view pickers
  • DominoToGo view control
  • Validation


  • Copy assets/jbuss to your assets folder
  • Copy controllers/jbuss to your controllers folder
  • Copy lib/jbuss and lib/jbuss_custom to your lib folder
  • Copy views/jbuss to your views folder
  • Edit styles/jbuss.tss and copy it’s content to your app.tss file

General usage

A form is separated into sections. Each section has a header and n rows. A row contains n labels and fields.

A section is defined with a View, a section header and a row is defined with a Require.

Code sample:

<View class="jbDocumentSectionContainer">
<Require id="headerAllgemein" src="jbuss/forms/section_header" text="Contact"></Require>
<Require id="row1" src="jbuss/forms/section_fieldgroup"
label1="First name" field1="text"
label2="Last name" field2="text"

Dynamic values with #js:

Several options for a section_fieldgroup row support the #js: prefix. That means that everything after the #js: prefix is interpreted as JavaScript when the section_fieldgroup is being build.


label1="#js:'Name for your '+Ti.Platform.model"

Will render to a label with the text “Name for your ipad” on an iPad device.


Options for section_fieldgroup

Extensible viewpicker

Get values, set values and other methods

Useful global objects

Additional Views inside the require tag


DominoToGo View UI Control