Options for section_fieldgroup

(X is a placeholder for the field number inside a row)

labelX=”<text>” text for the label. #js: supported.

optional: labelXWidth=”<width>” width for the label, for example “15%”. Default is 30% for each field in the fieldgroup.

optional: labelXHeight=”<height>” height for the label, default: Ti.UI.SIZE

optional: labelXClick=”<JavaScript>” mark the label as clickable and define code to run on click. Best used together with jbuss_custom/forms.js module. If a label is clickable the TSS class jbDocumentSectionFieldLabelClickable is added.


require id="row1" src="jbuss/forms/section_fieldgroup" label1="clickable label" label1Click="custom.event_labelClick"

in jbuss_custom/form.js:

module.exports.event_labelClick = function() { ... }

fieldX=”label”|”text”|”date”|”time”|”picker”|”viewpicker” type of the field:

  • label: a non editable field containing some text
  • text: a text field
  • textarea: a textarea field (can span multiple lines)
  • date: opens a date picker on touch
  • time: opens a time picker on touch
  • picker: opens a picker on touch
  • viewpicker: opens a picker with value from a local DominoToGo view

optional: fieldXWidth=”<width>” default: Ti.UI.FILL

optional: fieldXHeight=”<height>” default: Ti.UI.SIZE

optional: fieldXValue=”value” a default value for the field. #js: supported.

optional: fieldXDateValue=”#js:<date value>” a default value of type datetime, only valid for field type “date” or “time”. #js: needed, for example: “#js:new Date()”.

optional: fieldXEditable=”true | false” set to false to make the field non-editable. Default is true.

optional: fieldXHidden=”true | false” true means visible (default). When set to false width and height are set to 0 and the field is not visible.

optional: fieldXHintText=”<hintText>” a hint text for the field. #js: supported. (not for textarea, iOS limitation)

optional: fieldXSuppressReturn=”true | false” set to true to disallow return inside the field, textarea only. Default: false

optional: fieldXNoMandatorySign=”true” if a field has an empty validator, it gets a red * beside it’s label by default. If you don’t want this, set this option to true.

optional: fieldXMandatoryLabelText=”<text>” custom text for the mandatory label instead of the default *.

Additional options for field type “label”

fieldXText=”<label text for fieldtype ‘label’>”

Additional options for all popup dialogs (date, time, picker, viewpicker)

optional fieldXDialogTitle=”<dialog title>” a title for the popup dialog.

Additional options for picker

fieldXList=”value1#value” or “value1|alias1#value2|alias2” the value list for the picker. #js: supported

optional: fieldXMultiple=”true”|”false” set to true to allow selection of multiple values. Default is false.

optional: fieldXMultipleSeparator=”<string>” when the picker is allowed to return multiple values, all values are set to the field using this separator string. Default is “\n”.

Additional options for viewpicker

Note: a viewpicker is only used with DominoToGo local views.

fieldXDB=”<notesdb name>” the name of the DominoToGo database used in “new NotesDatabase(url, dbname)”.

fieldXView=”<name of a view>” the name of the DominoToGo local view.

fieldXColumn=”<column name>|<column name 1>#<column name 2>#…#<column name N>” Columns to display in the picker, one column only or multiple columns separated by #. Use column names in lowercase.

optional: fieldXValueColumn=”<column name>|<column name 1>#<column name 2>#…#<column name N>” use when the picker should return other values than displayed.

optional: fieldXColumnSeparator=”<separator string when multiple columns are used>”

optional: fieldXSearchColumn=”<column name for searching values>” Columns in which the search feature of the picker should act on. Default: all displayed columns.

optional: fieldXViewFilter=”<filter for getAllEntriesByKey>” use some text to filter the DominoToGo view by the first column (actually, by the second column since the first column always contains the UNID of a view entry). Or use #js: to filter by an array of values. Example for a DominoToGo view with the columns firstname, lastname, city…:


That would display only entries having “doe” in the lastname column.

optional: fieldXSearchFocus=”true”|”false” if true searchbar gets focus automatically when the picker opens. Default is false.

optional: fieldXViewpickerRowColor=”<color>” custom color for each row

optional: fieldXViewpickerRowSelectedColor=”<color>” custom color for a selected row

optional: fieldXViewpickerTableHeight=”<height>” height of table in viewpicker

optional: fieldXViewpickerRowBackgroundColor=”<color>” custom background color for each row

optional: fieldXViewpickerRowSelectedBackgroundColor=”<color>” custom background color for a selected row