Just ordered a Blackberry Passport instead of iPhone 6

So far I’ve used an iPhone 4S and I’m still happy with it. Nevertheless, time nags on the 4S and it’s not really capable of running iOS 8 (which I will only start to use when Mac OS Yosemite is available, by the way).

So I prepared myself to spend a lot of money on a new iPhone sometimes in the next weeks.

But yesterday I saw a Blackberry Passport while working at a customer’s office. The form factor is unusual, but not bad – not bad at all. The more I played with it, the more I liked it. And the final nail to iPhone’s coffin was that the customer needs me to build a Blackberry 10 app with Appcelerator and DominoToGo – which means I need a device to test the app anyway 🙂

So I just ordered the Blackberry Passport. And I’m really looking forward to use it. Especially because

  • It has a hardware keyboard. I never get really used to the onscreen keyboard of the iPhone where I still make type errors every single time I’m writing something.
  • Using the keyboard as touchpad as well seems to work really good.
  • It has a hardware keyboard.
  • The Blackberry Hub seems to be really useful.
  • I like the square screen size because I don’t need to turn the device in order to read longer texts.
  • Did I say that it has a hardware keyboard?
  • The Blackberry 10.3 software looks really good.


One thought on “Just ordered a Blackberry Passport instead of iPhone 6

  1. I’ll do the same move, 4S to BBP. Thanks for sharing your experience.