Looking for a new home for xpageswiki.com

As you might have noticed, xpageswiki.com is down. That’s because the Domino server it was hosted on was taken down, and I don’t have a public Domino of my own.

So I’m looking for a public Domino where I can host the xpageswiki.com database. Anyone interested? I would make a acknowledgement on the xpageswiki.com homepage 🙂

Update: seems to be solved, I got several offers!

8 thoughts on “Looking for a new home for xpageswiki.com

  1. Hallo Herr Buss

    Sie können gerne auch unseren Server kommen.
    Ich stelle Ihnen gerne einen Domino 9x mit Admin Access zur Verfügung.


    • Hallo Stephan,

      danke für das Angebot, aber Beat Lauenberger hat mir schon Platz auf seinem Domino gegeben 🙂