My wishlist to Notes 9 and Designer 9

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I just chatted with Andrejus of Infosana about upcoming Notes versions… and while we talked I thought to myself “what are my wishes for Notes and Designer 9”?

There are lots of small things, but the most important ones are:

Lotus Notes 9:

  • Performance, Performance, Performance.
  • DAOS on the client to keep replicated databases small and save I/O operations.
  • Performance.
  • Keep on with the good UI work.
  • More improvements in reliability and deployment of composite applications, plugins and all the other new stuff.
  • Performance.
  • Improvements for XPages components, for example a view control which is more like the native Notes view. Or better RichText editor and compatibility to the native RichText editor.
  • Performance.

With Performance I mean:

– Start faster.

– Don’t use my harddisk all the time when I have a number of big applications replicated. That’s a pain especially on Notebooks.
– Open documents with complex forms faster (-> speed up rendering of Notes forms).
– Open views faster.
– Faster fulltext searches.
and that kind of stuff. The are much improvements in 8.5.1 and it’s a good start. But still, customers complain about Notes feeling slow.

Event when it’s not fair, but customer compare it to Outlook. Outlook starts in a fraction of time as Notes. Outlook just feels faster.

Designer 9:

  • I’m very happy with XPages, even on the client. We’ll just need the planned improvements here and there, and improvements for XPages components on the client, to make them feel more like classic Notes.
  • SVN integration, that’s the big point. But IBM Is very aware of that, it’s a tough challenge, but I have hope that they will deliver something in that area.
  • Make composite application editor faster, since it reloads a page after each small change it’s sometime a pain to work with it.
  • All the feature requests I already told IBM for composite applications 🙂
  • Other XPages render kits, for example for iPhone and Blackberry.

So, no really big wishes for Designer.

And for the Domino server? Frankly, I don’t know. I really like Domino 8.5.1. It’s stable, feature rich, makes good use of hardware, is available on many platforms… oh, one thing: support for Ubuntu server.
But beside that, I don’t have any big wishes for Domino server.

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