New DominoToGo release

DominoToGo 3.3 was just released with the following improvements:

  • Limited support for BlackBerry 10: synchronisation of a Notes view and all basic functionality like DTGDatabase works. Synchronisation is not as capable as on iOS and Android regarding the amount of data and speed. Functionality regarding Notes documents have not been tested yet.
  • New (fast) synchronization option to sync changes only: see {dtg.NotesView.syncModifiedOnly} for details. In short, if your view’s last column has the programatic name $dtgIsRemoved and contains a value of “1” indicating that a view entry should be treated as ‘removed’, DTG now is able to do a real “modified only” sync while still being able to delete ‘removed’ entries in the local DTG view.
  • NotesView: a full sync now checks if the last column has the programatic name $dtgIsRemoved. If so and if that column contains “1” for an entry, this entry will not be synchronized. This is useful to mark view entries as ‘removed’ in a view and therefore ignore them in a full synchronisation but honor them in a modifiedOnly synchronisation.
  • NotesDocument: new argument localOnly in save() method to save a document as draft in the local XML representation only, without uploading to Domino.

Click here for full version history.

If you want to build an App that needs to work with Notes data, you really should have a look at DominoToGo!

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