New in DominoToGo: filter view data by multiple categories

In Notes and XPages you can filter a view by one category using the single category feature. In the most recent version of DominoToGo, one can now use multiple categories to filter a view – again a feature that Notes and XPages don’t offer!

When synchronizing the data of a Notes view to the mobile app, you can now use something like this:

var db = new NotesDatabase("", "dbid");
var view = db.getView("dataByName");
var callback = function(success, e) {
DTG.log("update completed");
view.update(callback, true, "", {
singleCategory: ["Ben Sisko", "Elim Garak", "Worf", "Odo"]

Using this feature, you have way more possibilities to filter the data you want to synchronize to the mobile app for offline usage. I wish I would have this feature in Notes and XPages, too 🙂

See the documentation for more.

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