New toy: Sony HX-50V and some photos of Hvide Sande, Denmark

I’m in Hvide Sande, Denmark at the moment testing a new photo camera I got for christmas.
Hvide Sande is at the west coast of Denmark and has a harbour, a nice coast with beaches and dunes. There is a lot of wind each day which produces notable waves rolling onto the mole and beach. All of that produces good opportunity for interesting photos, unfortunately it’s very cloudy, too, so the light is far from being perfect.

Nevertheless I got some photos that are not too bad, have a look here: Hvide Sande, Denmark photo album

Camera: Sony HX-50V

Some photos are pretty washy because I used a wrong setting in the camera, there are still some options I have to get used to. Beside that, I’m very happy with the Sony.

One killer feature for me is the ability to transfer photos from the camera to my iPad or Mac wireless via Wifi: I get home after shooting, enable Wifi on the camera, connect my iPad to the camera’s WLAN network, open an App and then I can transfer photos to the iPad.
Alternatively I can connect the camera to my standard WLAN, push a button on the camera and then it transfers photos to my Macbook to a predefined folder. Very convenient!

And while the HX-50V is relatively big, it’s still small enough to easily take it with me when we go out for a walk. I don’t need a bag or something.

Amazon will tell you about all features of the Sony, my personal favorite features are:

  • Various options to shoot good photos in low light situations (I use a flash very seldom)
  • If I have to use the flash, there are options to keep nice, warm light even with a flash
  • Incredible 30x optical zoom
  • Enough resolution to use digital zoom and still get an acceptable photo
  • Optical and digital zoom combined result in 60x zoom – in a small camera which you can easily carry around
  • Dedicated rotary knob to adjust exposition
  • A lot of manual control if needed, and good automatic modes for everyday situations
  • Very good video support (1080i as MP4, otherwise up to 1080p)
  • Build-in GPS sensor for automatic geotagging
  • Transferring photos via Wifi
  • remote control of the camera via Wifi and iPhone/iPad App
  • Good UI, all options have a short explanation right in the menu and there is even an online help system

I’m really just an amateur photographer, and I would not have use for a big DSLR camera. On the other hand, a simple compact camera or the iPhone doesn’t suit me anymore, too. The Sony HX-50V is perfect for me, and I can recommend it.

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