My customers like to work with me. Here are some quotes:

„I recently started to develop a mobile app with Domino To Go. The learning and development process has been made much easier with help from Julian. Julian goes above and beyond to support Domino To Go and he tries his hardest to meet our needs. He implemented a brand new feature to the product from a request I had. This is just one example of his excellent responsiveness to feedback. I hope to continue working with him for a long time to come. – Ryan Buening, Developer, Celina Insurance Group, via Linkedin

“I worked with Julian doing a customized version of one of the tools his company produced, Express Mailings. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can only highly recommend his professionalism and the quality of his code.” – Andrew Magerman, CEO at Magerman GmbH, via Linkedin

„I was working with Julian on numerous occasions implementing CRM solutions with customers. I know him as being extremely competent in managing all aspects of IT-related software development projects. He has in-depth knowledge of CRM systems and procedures as well as with associated business processes and was always able to adapt quickly to customer needs. He keeps his team focused and enthusiastic, and his word can always be trusted. I can give him the highest possible recommendation to any future business partner..“ – Stephan Holowaty, Professional Services for eCollaboration, IT Management and Enterprise Social Software, via Linkedin

„Julian is an excellent developer and overall great person. He’s an XPages expert and has done a lot of Web and Mobile application development.
He is very generous and shares his expertise with the community via his websites and his personal site is one of the top resources for learning XPages application development.“ – David Leedy, Collaboritive Solutions Developer at Czarnowski, via Linkedin

“Julian’s work for THE VIEW as both a technical advisor and author is outstanding. I rely on his expertise in XPages development particularly. His solutions to business and development problems are efficient, effective, and well-explained in his articles. Julian is extremely responsive to all of my editorial requests and punctual in meeting deadlines. It is a pleasure to work with him.” – Celeste Frey, Editor at Wellesley Information Services, via Linkedin

You can hire me. See my Linkedin profile for details.

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