Some more recent changes in DominoToGo

Beside the multiple category filter feature DominoToGo evolves in other areas, too:

  • The architecture has been re-engineered to use require() and be ready for future Titanium SDK versions (where the Ti.include() call will not be available anymore).
  • When creating a NotesDocument locally in the app, DominoToGo will create a local XML representation of that NotesDocument automatically. You don’t need to upload the data to Domino and download the NotesDocument from Domino in order to work with the NotesDocument in the app.
  • Support for Notes views where documents are displayed multiple times. They can be synchronized for offline usage as every other Notes view now.
  • Improvements for uploading attachments to a Notes document in Domino (for example, take a photo and upload to Domino).
  • As always, even more performance improvements. DominoToGo is the fastest way I’m aware of to synchronize a lot of data to a mobile app.
  • Complete new documentation.

Plus there is a full UI framework for Titanium Alloy now as an option. The framework offers ready-to-use controls for a Domino view, picker dialogs, form fields, validation and more. The documentation for that UI framework starts here.

So, there are new features and improvements – but what’s most important is that the core of DominoToGo is still very stable and reliable. If you want offline first mobile apps, DominoToGo is the way to go.

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