Status update

It’s relatively quiet in this blog at the moment. Is it because I’m not doing any IBM Notes or XPages related work anymore?

No, that’s not the reason. On the contrary. I’m bound in several projects for several customers in the mobile space (Titanium and DominoToGo), XPages or even classic Notes development:

  • extending an Titanium and DominoToGo based CRM app for iOS with several new and complex functionality
  • building advanced stuff into a Titanium and DominoToGo based iOS app like push notifications and automatic synchronisation of Notes data into the app based on the device’s location
  • building a classic Notes workflow application
  • refactoring code in an existing complex class Notes app into an organized and object orientated structure and making this Notes app faster
  • checking how to deploy a Titanium and DominoToGo based app into a Good container
  • extending a complex, XPages based mail and workflow app
  • developing XPages based widgets for a Notes composite application

The mobile development assignments are getting more and more, and I’m still very, very happy with Appcelerator Titanium. It is a good platform, and the are many interesting things going on regarding Titanium’s future.

As I wrote before, DominoToGo just rocks and I’m very proud of it. It enables me to focus on the app’s UI and business logic, while synchronizing Notes data to the app just works.

While refactoring a classic Notes app I was deep into LotusScript again, and I still enjoy that, too. Furthermore, it’s fun to bring patterns I learned with JavaScript development into the LotusScript world – one can still do a lot of good stuff with object oriented LotusScript.

Beside work, summer has started in Germany, the sun is shining and temperatures are rising. Good times.

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