The name of Lotus Notes Next

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You see that the brand “Lotus” disappears from one product after the other. Last example is “Lotus Connections” which now is named “IBM Connections”.

That brings up the question: how will the next Notes release will be named?
What do you think and what do you would like?

Personally, I’m not quite sure yet. I think removing the brand “Lotus” is a good thing since “Lotus” is a “burned brand” here in Germany, and I would assume in other countries, too. There are many people who simply think that “Lotus Notes” is the pure evil, based on their impression of a Lotus Notes R4 or R5 client.

Rebranding the product could be helpful while dealing with those kind of people.

Question is: is it enough to name it “IBM Notes”? Or does “Notes” have to disappear, too?
Something like “IBM Collaboration Client”, “IBM Groupware Client” or so?

What do you think?

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