Upcoming article about version control with Domino Designer in THE VIEW

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As a Domino Developer you should now that the dark ages are finally over, since in Designer 8.5.2 we can start using version control with standard version control software like Subversion.


  • you ever wanted to start with version control in Domino Designer, but didn’t had time to dig through the setup yourself
  • you don’t know yet what a version control system is and why you really, really need to use one
  • you don’t know how to setup a SVN server
  • you don’t know how to cover the daily business with version control in Domino Designer

then the upcoming two-part article “Version Control with Domino Designer” in THE VIEW is for you!

The first part will be published in the coming week and covers the setup of an SVN system and the setup of all the neccessary plugins in Domino Designer. The second part will cover how to actually use version control in Domino Designer and how to use version control to improve team development.

So, watch www.eview.com in the coming week for the first part of this article.

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