Useful tools for Domino Designer, XPages development and automated XPages testing

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Holger Chudek of gave a lot uf useful tips for extending Domino Designer and useful XPages development tools in his excellent session at Entwicklercamp 2011.

In case you don’t know these tools yet, here is a short list:

XPages API Inspector

Tommy Valand published a very useful tool for XPages development: the XPages API inspector allows you for each component on your XPage to see:

– what Java class / type it has
– methods and properties of the the component’s class
– when it’s a JSF related class you get a link to the JSF documentation

Very useful and highly recommended. Download here at OpenNTF.

Performance and memory measures with XPages Toolbox

Philippe Riand and his team published a complete performance measuring tool für XPages at OpenNTF some time ago.

Download at OpenNTF.

See SSJS print statements in local web preview

If you’re developing XPages locally, you can start the local web preview in a seperate window to see output of print() commands.
Start cmd.exe, navigate to your Lotus Notes directory and start

nhttp.exe preview

Then when you click the “preview” button in Designer you can see SSJS print outputs in that window.

Install integrated task management

You can use the Eclipse project “Mylyn” to embed an integrated task managent into your Domino Designer.
With Mylyn you can manage development related tasks right in your Domino Designer. Each task is associated with a code-context, for example an XPage or a CSS file. When you open a task, Mylyn automatically restored the appropriate context (that means, open the XPage, CSS or whatever).


  • in Domino Designer: File -> Application -> Install
  • Add a remote update site with this URL:
  • Select that new update site, click “Finish”, select features and install them.

Click here to open the homepage of Mylyn.

Automated tests for XPages applications

With Selenium you can record test actions on a Website and run these tests automatically. It has a Firefox plugin which is very, very easy to use.

Download Selenium IDE Firefox Plugin here.

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