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Domino To Go Licencing and Pricing - new thoughts
Julian Buss, April 27th, 2012 12:56:22
Tags:  Lotus Domino  dominotogo 
Domino To Go, our solution to create native mobile Domino Apps, is released and ready for business.

Regarding licencing and pricing, we had the problem that Domino To Go needs to come with full source code. And that means, we don't have a chance to implement any technical control for how many users or apps a customer uses our product. Therefore, we thought it's not possible to make a price depending on the amount of users or apps.

So our initial idea for pricing was to create a licencing model based on the company's size. Big companies have more users and will create more apps than small companies - simply and fair. At least we thought so :-)
But in the real world, this model does not work very good. There are so many usecases and situations where scaling by company size simply does not work.

Now we think we have found a good compromise. We will be able to price Domino To Go on a per-app basis, and furthermore, there will be different packages. Each package contains a different value regarding support and consulting service.

For example, the basic package will be very affordable, but with very limited support and no consulting. On the other hand, the most expensive package will contain top priority support, the right to get bugs fixed as soon as possible and some consulting work to get you started right away.

Each package will be for one specific app (as I said, pricing will be on a per-app basis). And if a customer has a question or needs support, he need to tell us for which app, and by that, we have a chance to see if the customer has a valid licence or not.

We are well aware that there are various ways to cheat us with this model. A customer could buy one package for one app and develop multiple apps with Domino To Go without paying for the additional apps. When the customer needs support, he could tell us that he needs it for the one app he has a licence for.

But first, when talking to a customer about a support case, there is a good chance for us to learn about which app he is really talking about and then check if the licence is valid. And second, we believe that the majority of customers are playing fair.

We are in the final stage of defining the prices. So when you want to buy and use Domino To Go, you can call Wafred or write him at
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