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Domino To Go Licencing revealed! Now open for general business!
Julian Buss, May 10th, 2012 09:38:08
Tags:  Lotus Domino  dominotogo 
Two weeks ago, we thought about changing the licence model for Domino To Go.

Now we finished the new licence model. Domino To Go is now licenced per App, and there are different packages with different options and prices. Click here to have a look at the licence and package options!.

While so far we sold Domino To Go only to early bird customers, we are now open for general business. Domino To Go is ready, and if you want to create native mobile Apps that work with Domino data, Domino To Go is the way to go. And now it's affordable, too. We're looking forward to hear from you, please ask Walfred at for sales details if needed!
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