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fixed in iOS App - do you have any other issues?
Julian Buss, November 21st, 2011 14:33:30
Tags:  xpages 
Today I fixed these issues:

iPhone: on some devices, the content is not loaded from
iPhone: made the header bar in content pages smaller
iPhone: optimized font sizes a bit.
iPhone. tried to enable zooming in content pages, but when zooming is allowed then the iPhone always tries to fit the whole page on the small screen. This means that the user always need to zoom in before he can read anything. I think that's not good, therefore I leave zooming disabled.
(new) iPhone/iPad: color coding of source code that is embedded in content pages

Does anyone have other issues that needs to be fixed?
Otherwise I would upload the new version to the Appstore tomorror or the day after tomorrow.
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1) fixed in iOS App - do you have any other issues?
John van den Berg 21.11.2011 20:32:00


After installing the app:

just the loading..... message was displayed.

After a day the list was filled. Still no content.

2) fixed in iOS App - do you have any other issues?
Julian Buss 21.11.2011 21:33:53

John, thanks, that should be fixed in the next version.

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