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Secure data storage with Domino To Go (solution to create mobile Domino Apps)
Julian Buss, April 26th, 2012 14:35:24
Tags:  Lotus Domino  dominotogo 
Yesterday I wrote about using NotesBook to distribute files like PDF or DOC to corporate iPhone or iPad devices.

In the comments, Tom Mayer asks if the files are stored encrypted on the device and I promised to look into this topic more deeply.

So far, I can report the following:

1.) A developer over at Titanium says that all files should be encrypted on the device as long as the device is locked by a PIN and doesn't have a jailbreak. I will check if that's really the case.

2.) There is an addional module for Titanium which implements a secure, encrypted version of the SQLite database (which we are using for Domino To Go). So that's the way to go to implement additional security for storing Domino view and document data with Domino To Go.

3.) There is one other additional module for Titanium which provides encryption for files. We might use this to provide file encryption in NotesBook.

So in a nutshell: yes, secure, encrypted storage of data and files is possible with Titanium and Domino To Go. Using one of these additional modules will be a piece of cake for every Domino To Go customer.
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