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Why I am very satisfied with Notes 8.5.1 - Part 3
Julian Buss, September 1st, 2009 10:35:07
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Here are some more small goodies of 8.5.1 that I like:
  • DOAS has been optimized, which leads to much less network traffic (example: a client wants to replicate an attachment from local to server, but the server has that file already in the DAOS repository, it will not replicate again).
  • As many other bloggers aid, the Designer is way better than in 8.5.0. Faster, and much more features work as expected.
  • The new LotusScript editor - finally. And it is a good one!
  • XPages were very good in 8.5.0, but they are even better in 8.5.1. Faster, less bugs, more features.
  • Bugs fixed and improvements in Composite Applications, I believe I will start again using them for our products.
  • Many small but notable improvements in the UI. End users will like 8.5.1.

As many other bloggers including myself said before: 8.5.1 is the client I waited for. Having said that 8.5.1 is so good, I'm really curious what Notes 9 will bring... where is potential for huge new features?
I have some knowledge about some areas where Notes will be further improved, but I don't have the big picture yet.

But today that's not important for me. I'm happy when 8.5.1 ships, and we will update all our customers to 8.5.1 as soon as possible.
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1) Why I am very satisfied with Notes 8.5.1 - Part 3
John Turnbow 01.09.2009 14:22:45


I am glad that you are happy. Please if you are going to post something, be more detailed, more than just a paragraph if you want to be informative.

Thanks for the post...

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