Why does not everyone use the Ytria tools?

I’m a heavy user of Ytria ScanEZ for years, and I’m using the other tools like viewEZ or databaseEZ occasionally – all in an relatively old version.

Recently, Ben of Ytria gave me a good demo of the most recent versions of all Ytria tools and I’m deeply impressed how many new and incredible useful features went into the products in the last years. I learned that the Ytria tools have many, many features I wasn’t aware of. And every single feature is capable of saving hours or even days of time.

That makes me wonder why there are still Domino developers and admins that are not using Ytria. Do they like to do repetitive, boring tasks? Do they like creating one-time agents just to fix some fields in documents? Do they like to adjust ACLs one after the other? Do they like to be puzzled by replication issues? Do they like to solve conflicts manually?

The list can go on and on. I can only think of one reason why anyone doesn’t use Ytria: because they don’t know what the tools are capable of.

Believe me, I am not paid by Ytria. I am not working for them. I am just convinced. Go, let someone of Ytria give you a demo. It will take some amount of time, but this will be the best amount of time you’ve ever invested.



7 thoughts on “Why does not everyone use the Ytria tools?

    • you’re welcome 🙂 As I said, I highly recommend to let Ytria give you a demo, it’s hard to see all the power the tools have when you’re on your own.

  1. I have been using several of the Ytria tool for years, and just like you, I use them very frequently, and they save me a lot of time. I use scanEz and viewEZ the most, wth actionBarEZ just slightly behind.
    I am actually running the latest version, but I am sure I don’t use all the functions fully, these are really powerful tools!
    I also use the TeamStudio tools, and even NoteMan from MartinScott. They all pretty much complement each other.
    I actually blogged about the tools back in 2010, but my usage has changed some since then.

  2. I also use the Ytria tools, but I know that I’m a version behind. Even with that limitation, the tools are awesome!

  3. Some IT organizations bill their customer just for the time they spend for a change.
    If they purchase additional developer tools they cannot bill the customer but have to pay for it on their own. So they won’t decide to buy Ytria tools because they a) have to spend money first and b) get even less money back when billing the customer less time for the next change.
    Don’t get me wrong, in the end this does not make any sense. But that’s often the way it is…

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I have been using the Ytria tools for many many years now and they are huge timesavers. We are partners of Ytria I should say, but just because we like the tools so much. What makes a product great is not only its features or capabilities, it all comes down to the people behind it. I have been working with the Ytria folks for many years and they have always been true partners – totally committed to creating kick-ass Notes and Domino tools and a first-class service. Go ahead and ask them for a demo or go to their website and watch one of the many recorded webcasts. Even if you have been using the tools for a while you will be amazed to see what you don’t know about them yet.